4 Stars



Gummy was once the teenage group runner-up in the Ursus Youth Scout competition. Before the Chernobog incident, she was a middle school student in the city. She is skilled in Ursus-style cooking. In a number of tests, she has exhibited the strength and solid physique characteristic of most Ursus. Gummy has been appproved for an internship in a squad of Defender Operators. She also provides logistical support and combat culinary services for Rhodes Island.

Basic Info

Code Name Gummy
Gender Female
Combat Experience None
Place of Birth Ursus
Date of Birth October 2
Race Ursus
Height 155cm
Character Voice Natsumi Takamori
Infection Status
Medical tests have confirmed that no infection is present.

Physical Exam

Physical Strength Excellent
Mobility Normal
Physical Resilience Excellent
Tactical Acumen Normal
Combat Skill Normal
Originium Arts Assimilation Normal

Clinical Analysis

Imaging tests reveal clear, normal outlines of internal organs, and no abnormal shadows have been detected. Originium granules have not been detected in the circulatory system and there is no sign of infection. At this time, this Operator is believed to be non-infected.

Clinical Data

Cell-Originium Assimilation 0.0%

Operator shows no signs of infection at this time.

Blood Originium-Crystal Density 0.12u/L%

This Operator's Blood Crystal Density is well within expected ranges.


Lv.1 Stats

Max HP 1,059
ATK 179
DEF 234
RES 10


Redeploy Slow
Cost 16
Block 2
ASPD Average