Dragon Emperor (Shufraken)



Fatecore Hero


Attack Type

Can Receive Buff

Extremely Passionate (Topaki)

If Fatecore is in possession
Grants buff to North von Frosty heroes
Combat Power (%) +2%
Attack (%) +1%
HP (%) +6%
Defense (%) +1%



Gender Male
Age 45
Nation North von Frosty
Race Human

Shufraken from the parallel world who absorbed all the power of the Dragon Emperor Accor.

After obtaining both the relic of the Dragon Clan and Exestruk,
Shufraken restored the power of the Dragon Emperor Accor.

As Shufraken absorbed all the power of the Dragon Emperor Accor, even his physique transcended that of a human.

Lv.100 Hero + Lv.30 Fatecore

HP 13,492
Attack 1,215
Minimum Attack 1,148
Maximum Attack 1,283
Defense 1,884

6 Stars - Lv.100

Battle Power 282,000 #1
HP 6,816 #9
Attack 809 #67
Min. Attack 742 #65
Max. Attack 877 #65
Defense 1,440 #11

Lv.0 Fatecore

Attack 32
Defense 54
HP 259

Lv.30 Fatecore

Attack 406
Defense 444
HP 6,676

User Rating

Overall Utility
Story Mode
PvP (Zebenstunier)
Holy Dragon Grounds
Element Dungeon
Neutral Dungeon
Yupir's Labyrinth
Shelter of Avarice
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Basic Attack


Deals 467 - 554 Physical damage.

Thrust 3


Deals damage (30%) and afflicts Stun to the attacker upon taking damage (5 turn(s)) when hit.
Gains Mana (1 mana) additionally if the target's Health is at 80% or more.
Removes 1 mana from the target and then Gains Mana (1 mana) to you if the targets Health is at 30% or less.

Breath of Mana
[Over Time Effect] Front row allies permanently gain 1 mana.

Fear of the Abyss
Adds Fear of the Abyss marks to enemies with Defense lower than you. If targets have 10% or less Health at the end of the turn, deals 65% damage to all enemies in the same row.

Harbinger of Awakening
Afflicts Mark of Revenge to an enemy that killed an ally.
This buff is removed when the target with Mark of Revenge is killed or damaged by Harbinger of Awakening and activates the Awakening effects of all allies with the Awakening skill.

Awakening: Dragon Emperor
[Self] Increases mana obtained in your turn by 1 per fallen ally.
[Special] Increases Attack Speed by 25 and gains Damage Immunity for 4 turns when Health is at or below 30%.

Demon Sword of Disintegration


[Single] Deals 300% damage to 1 enemy.
[Debuff] Afflicts target with Despair (lasts until removed) if target is suffering from the Fear of the Abyss and causes Mana Burn (1 mana) while dealing 50% damage every turn.

Destruction of Time and Space


[Back Row First] Deals 210% damage to all back row enemies.
[Status Effect] Afflicts targets with Freeze for 7 turn(s).
Deal 150% additional damage for each Self-Harm stack the target has.