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Air Squadron Battle

  • You have to be a member of an Air Squadron to participate in Air Squadron Battles, which are operated in seasons.
  • Once Air Squadron Battles begin, you can play in the battles and Air Squadron raids. The Air Squadron Battles are held for 4 weeks.
  • Air Squadron rankings are determined by the Air Squadron points earned through Air Squadron Battles and raids.
  • You can earn rewards according to your Air Squadron's ranking.

Air Squadron Battle

  • Only air squadron members have access to these PVP battles where you fight off against other air squadrons.
  • You may enter once Air Squadron Battles begin.
  • There must be at least 10 members who are ready from your air squadron, and the Master or the Deputy Master needs to sign up by Monday to participate in these battles.

Week Number

  • The week number is the period from Monday to Sunday while Air Squadron Battles are ongoing.
  • Your group is determined by the number of wins your Air Squadron achieves against the 7 Air Squadrons you battle over one week.
  • You will be matched against other Air Squadrons from the same group.
    (If there is no Air Squadrons in the same group, you will be matched against Air Squadron from other groups.)
  • The number of wins based on your Air Squadron's group will determine your group for the next week.
  • There may be heroes that are banned each week.


  • Each day is divided into the preparation, grouping, battle, and settlement phases. Preparation is when you decide whether or not to participate in Air Squadron Battles. Grouping is when the Air Squadrons that can participate are sorted and the groups are determined.
  • Battle is when your opponent is determined and the battle takes place.
  • Settlement is when the results of the battles are settled.
  • (Team organization can only be done during the preparation phase.)


  • Once you are matched against another Air Squadron, the user that you will battle is selected automatically.
  • You can participate 1 time per day and undergo a total of 3 battles, each with a different opponent.
  • You will face opponents with higher combat power with each battle.


  • When you face the next opponent during the series of battles, the health of the heroes in your team will be fully recovered except for the ones who have died.
  • If you force quit the pass you used will disappear and all battles will be considered as defeats.
  • Your team organization information is reflected in real-time.
  • The opponents' teams will be the teams they saved last during the preparation phase.


  • Three components contribute to the final score during the Air Squadron Battle period: the group, participation, and victories.
  • The group score is determined by the group placement that was determined in the weekly settlement and the score for the same group may vary depending on the week number.
  • The participation score is determined by the level of participation in battles by Air Squadron members.
  • The result score is determined by the total number of people defeated by your Air Squadron’s members.

Air Squadron Raid

  • Only members of Air Squadrons can access this.
  • It is available once Air Squadron Battles have started.
  • 2 entries are allowed per day.
  • You can also defeat the boss by performing 150 battles If the boss dies, another boss of a different element appears.
  • The subsequent boss appears 3 hours after the death of the previous boss.
  • The element of the heroes you can assign into your team depends on the element of the boss.
  • A separate organize team step does not exist and heroes that meet the conditions will be assigned automatically.
  • Battles do not take place and outcomes are determined based on combat power.


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