Air Squadron

  • This is where you can form communities with users and obtain rewards through Air Squadron activities.
  • Each Air Squadron has a Master of Air Squadron and a Deputy Master appointed by the Master.
  • Gold is required to create an Air Squadron.
  • An Air Squadron can have up to 30 members.
  • An Air Squadron's ranking can be increased through Air Squadron Battles, which are operated in seasons.


  • An Air Squadron's level can be increased by the activities of its members, and its level does not affect its ranking.
  • Air Squadron experience points can be obtained through Air Squadron attendance and Exploration.
  • There is a limit to the maximum amount of experience points that can be earned by a single member of an Air Squadron.

Air Squadron Emblem

  • Air Squadron emblems can be purchased with Wind Wing Tokens that can be earned by exchanging Wing Tokens.
  • More emblems become available as an Air Squadron's level increases.
  • Only the Master of Air Squadron can purchase emblems.

Contribution Points

  • This index shows how much the members have contributed to the Air Squadron. Contribution points increase when the member earns
  • Air Squadron experience points. Contribution points do not reset and keep accumulating until the member withdraws from the Air Squadron.
  • Contribution points are reset upon withdrawing from the Air Squadron.


  • A title is granted when you reach a certain amount of contribution points. (The Master and Deputy Master of Air Squadron do not have titles.)
  • Titles are divided into 3 levels according to the contribution points earned.
    • Sailor: 7,140 contribution points needed
    • Bosun: 42,840 contribution points needed
    • Chief Mate: 85,680 contribution points needed


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