Door to Creation

  • This is where you can use certain currencies, heroes, and materials to buy equipment materials, heroes, and Fatecore and assemble/disassemble materials.
  • Recipes are added as you progress in the story.
  • If new recipes have been added, they will be shown upon entering the Door to Creation.


  • This is where you can craft designated or random items/heroes by using certain materials and currencies.

Assemble / Disassemble

  • This is where you can assemble/disassemble certain types of materials into higher/lower level materials of the same type.

Combine / Convert

  • This is where you can use heroes to obtain other heroes or change the Guardian Stone element of heroes or equipment
  • The materials list only shows heroes and equipment that meet the conditions to be used as materials.
  • Heroes that are assigned to teams or as the leader are not shown.
  • (Changing Guardian Stones of heroes is possible even if they are assigned to teams, locked, or assigned as the leader, changing Guardian Stones of equipment is possible even if it is equipped.)


  • This is where you can use various materials to obtain Fatecore.


  • Bookmarked recipes can be checked from the bookmark category.


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