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  • Equipment tiers are divided into Common, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Fated.
  • Equipment can be classified into a total of 6 parts: Weapons, Gloves, and Accessories are attack type equipment; and Helmets, Armor, and Boots are defense type equipment.
  • The number of parts where equipment can be equipped increases as a hero levels up.
  • The order in which parts are unlocked is:
    • Level 10 - Weapons
    • Level 15 - Helmets
    • Level 40 - Armor
    • Level 45 - Gloves
    • Level 70 - Boots
    • Level 75 - Accessories
  • Equipment types are divided into 2 types: physical and magical, and heroes can only equip equipment that matches their attack type.
  • The minimum/maximum star grade depends on the equipment tier:
    • Common: 1-3 stars
    • Magic: 2-4 stars
    • Rare: 2-5 stars
    • Legendary: 3-6 stars
    • Fated: 4-6 stars

Disassemble and Sell

  • You get Gold when you sell equipment and the amount depends on the star grade.
  • You get Powders of Light when you disassemble equipment and the minimum/maximum amount you can get depends on the star grade.
  • (You get Five-Colored Fate Stones instead of Powders of Light when Fated Weapons are disassembled.)
  • (You get Ore of Mana instead of Powders of Light when Fated equipment other than Weapons are disassembled.)


  • Equipment can be equipped/unequipped by using auto equip/unequip all.
  • Crystals are required to unequip Fated equipment.
  • Gold is required to unequip common, magic, rare, and Legendary equipment.
  • The amount of currency required for unequipping depends on the equipment's star grade.


  • Polishing equipment requires equipment/abrasives and Gold as the materials and increases the equipment level and basic stats.
  • The Gold required depends on the type of material (equipment/abrasive) and star grade.
  • The experience points required is the same regardless of the equipment’s tier and star grade, and additional experience points can be earned if abrasives or equipment of the same part are used.


  • Forging equipment requires forging materials and Gold, and it increases the equipment’s star grade.
  • The materials required depends on the Attack/Defense type of the equipment and the Gold required depends on its star grade.
  • The maximum level is increased by 10.
  • The equipment level is not reset after forging.

Special Forging

  • The maximum level of a 6-star Legendary or Fated equipment is increased by using equipment of the same type, level (6-stars, physical / magical and attack / defense) and Gold.
  • The Gold required depends on the special forging count.
  • The maximum level is increased by 2.
  • One equipment can be special forged up to 5 times.


  • Stats of a 6-star Legendary or Fated equipment excluding Weapons, that has reached the maximum level are added/changed by using Ore of Mana and Gold.
  • The Ore of Mana and Gold required depends on how many enhances have been applied. (The amounts increase until the 10th time and remains the same afterward)
  • The stat that is added/changed is chosen at random out of Attack, Defense, Health, Critical Damage, Speed, Luck, Hit Block, Block Value, Dodge, and Critical Hit.
  • Added stats are divided into 5 color-coded grades depending on the value. (Green < blue < purple < yellow < pink)
  • A chosen stat can be fixed by using 10 additional Ore of Mana.

Weapon Awakening

  • The basic stats of a maximum-level 6-star Legendary or Fated weapon can be increased by using Five-Colored Fate Stones and Gold.
  • The Five-Colored Fate Stones and Gold required are the same regardless of the number of times a weapon has been Awakened.
  • A weapon can be Awakened up to 10 times.
  • The success rate decreases as the number of Awakenings increases.
  • The Five-Colored Fate Stones and Gold used disappear when an Awakening fails, but the Awakening count will not be affected.

Exclusive Weapon

  • The weapon's Combat Power increases if equipped by the designated hero, and the appearance of the weapon changes.
  • The tier of all exclusive weapons is Fated.
  • The weapon can be equipped by non-designated heroes, but the appearance will not change. If the exclusive weapon grows, you can get rewards from the exclusive weapon journal.
  • The hero will gain additional stats when you simply obtain the exclusive weapon.

Equipment Guardian Stone Set Effect

  • Additional effects are triggered if a certain number of equipment with matching Guardian Stone elements are equipped on the same hero.
  • The Guardian Stones of the hero are also taken into account for the effect.
  • The set effect is unaffected by equipment growth and is only applied to the hero.
  • The additional effects depend on the Guardian Stone element.
  • Set Effects:
    • Flame: decreases final damage taken (2-set (5%) / 4-set (10%) / 6-set (20%))
    • Frost: increased block (3-set (156) / 6-set (390))
    • Nature: increases dodge (3-set (8) / 6-set (20))
    • Machine: heal every turn (2-set (48) / 4-set (96) / 6-set (192))
    • Light: creates barrier on own turn (3-set (3 turns / 768) / 6-set (5 turns /1920))
    • Darkness: heal based on damage taken (4-set (12%) / 6-set (30%))


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