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  • Fatecore tiers are divided into gold, blue, black, and orange.
  • Only designated heroes can equip them.
  • Equipping them will drastically change the character's appearance. Certain Fatecore even changes skills.
  • They also grant small stat boosts.


  • You can sell Fatecores for Gold and Mu.
  • The amount will vary depending on the Enhance level.


  • You can change the exterior of the obtained Fatecore in the hero management screen regardless of whether you are equipping it or not.


  • Enhancing Fatecore requires other Fatecore and Gold, and slightly increases the stats. A Fatecore can be enhanced up to 30 times.
  • The success rate depends on the enhancement levels of the Fatecore being enhanced and the Fatecore used as the material.


  • Enhance level from a Fatecore to another can be moved by Succession.
  • Fatecore equipped by a hero cannot have it’s Enhance level transferred.
  • If the Fatecore receiving the Succession is already Enhanced, you will receive Mu amounting to the current level of Enhancement Fusion stats are not available for Succession.
  • Fatecore Succession will incur a cost.


  • Hero who has a Fatecore equipped cannot be used for Fusion.
  • Fusion will increase the heroes stat randomly.
  • Heroes in a team cannot be Fused.
  • If Enhanced Fatecore is used in the Fusion, you will receive Mu amounting to the cunent level of Enchancement.
  • Heroes Fatecore, Growth and Enchance level will remain as is.
  • Fatecore Fusion does not incur a cost.

Core Sharing

  • Fatecore Enhanced stats can be shared to other heroes.
  • This feature is available once a Fatecore that can be used for Core Sharing is obtained Heroes that receive the stat sharing cannot equip a Fatecore.
  • There is a 6 hour cooldown once you discontinue Core Sharing.
  • Fatecore used in Core Sharing and heroes involved in it cannot be sold or used in the Door of Creation.


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