Second Princess of Green Land


Attack Type

Can Receive Buff

Beat Shooter (Iden)

If Fatecore is in possession
Grants buff to Green Land heroes
Combat Power (%) +2%
Attack (%) +1%
HP (%) +6%
Defense (%) +1%



Gender Female
Age 14
Nation Green Land
Race Elf
Character Voice Soo-jung Lee
The second princess of Green Land, and the younger sister of Bathory.

As soon as she was born and could barely recognize where she is, Bathory was already showered praised by others for showing outstanding talent. In her early days, Anastasia was a tomboy causing headache to others because of her pestering. People sighed at her behavior, wishing that she could be at least half as good as Bathory.

Due to the expectations reflected upon her, Anastasia began to change over time. Her bad attitude, such as harassing others and acting out at her pleasure, disappeared, and she became quiet. Instead of running through the hall, she read books in her room and grows plants. She also greeted everyone warmly and talks with a smile. People were perplexed but delighted at Anatasia's dramatic changes. Anastasia had the beauty of her mother and sister, and as she calmed down she became beloved by her people.

More and more people started to like Anastasia for her kindness and attractiveness as well, far more than Bathory, who was too cold-hearted as far as children went.

After Bathory left for Lenombe as a King's Guard. Anastasia attended various national events as the acting successor to the throne; at such events she behaved friendly to everyone and gained more popularity. As Anastasia grew in popularity, some people said it was a pity that she wasn't as talented as her sister while others said that it was rather blissful for Anastasia. Bathory's position as the successor was solid and most people did not disagree with that. Anastasia told the people disappointed with the decision that she was happy she could help her wonderful sister from behind the scenes.

Anastasia is staying in Green Land and waits for her sister to return home while assisting in royal affairs.

6 Stars - Lv.100

Battle Power 280,500 #5
HP 7,584 #4
Attack 1,102 #54
Min. Attack 1,010 #52
Max. Attack 1,194 #52
Defense 935 #52

5 Stars - Lv.75

Battle Power 201,208
HP 5,447
Attack 788
Min. Attack 710
Max. Attack 866
Defense 670


Hit 94
Dodge 101
Critical Hit 90
Block 60
Attack Speed 32
Critical Damage 150%
Block Defense Rate 50%
Luck 0

User Rating

Overall Utility
Story Mode
PvP (Zebenstunier)
Holy Dragon Grounds
Element Dungeon
Neutral Dungeon
Yupir's Labyrinth
Shelter of Avarice
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Basic Attack


Deals 455 - 546 Magical damage.

First Aid 3


Grants Heal (100% of Attack) to an ally if they take damage and their Health drops under 20%.
Gain Mana (1 mana) if the caster’s Health is less than 20% when triggered.
Gain Mana (1 mana) if the caster’s Health is more than 70% when triggered.

Dragon Knight Blessing
Increases damage dealt to dragons with the Dragon Scale of Order activated by 250%.

Unleash Potential Effect

[Over Time Effect] Reduces damage against all allies by 30% (can't be stacked).

Frozen Tear


[All] Heals all allies by 49% of own maximum Health.
[Cleanse] Cleanses all debuff and damage over time effects from allies.

Unleash Potential Effect

Grants Status Effect Immunity (2 time(s)) to self (can't be stacked).

Sorceress Desperado


[Single] Deals 525% damage to 1 enemy.

Unleash Potential Effect

Deals additional 12% of own maximum Health damage when the attack hits.

Signature Force

Green Land

Green Land Hero Enhancement 1

The buff applies to all Green Land heroes.

You need to have at least 1 Bathory at Transcend 1 or higher, and sacrifice 1 Bathory as material.

Frost Damage 4,900


The buff applies to all Green Land heroes.

You need to have at least 1 Bathory at Transcend 1 or higher, and sacrifice 1 Bathory as material.

Attack (%) 15
Defense (%) 15
HP (%) 15