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Mercenary Sorcerer


Attack Type

Can Receive Buff

Successor to the Throne (Rachel)

If Fatecore is in possession
Grants buff to Lenombe heroes
Combat Power (%) +2%
Attack (%) +1%
HP (%) +6%
Defense (%) +1%



Gender Male
Age 32
Nation Lenombe
Race Human
The unnamed Mercenaries is a pancontinental mercenary group. While the Mercenaries has the most mercenaries, the group is still unnamed so people just call it the "Mercenaries".

Members of the Mercenaries are not closely connected: they are hired by the Mercenaries and dispatched depending on the type of the quest.

It is a gathering of mercenaries who didn't get accepted by any other mercenary organization, such as a new mercenary who couldn't join a strong mercenary group, a retired mercenary, or people who have worked as mercenaries but whose battle skills never improved.

The head of the Mercenaries is not known; missions are given via letters and so are the rewards. It seems that they are highly credible since nobody complains about being unpaid or late rewards.

There are mission reception desks everywhere; the staff are also contract employees so they don't know who their employers are as well.

Mercenary sorcerers are famous for their high level of concentration. However, they often become defenseless while casting spells because they are too absorbed.

User Rating

Overall Utility
Element Dungeon
Story Mode
Neutral Dungeon
PvP (Zebenstunier)
Yupir's Labyrinth
Holy Dragon Grounds
Shelter of Avarice
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Mercenary Sorcerer Stats - 1 Star

Level 15
Battle Power 68,976
HP 1,832
Attack 293
Minimum Attack 260
Maximum Attack 327
Defense 215

Mercenary Sorcerer Stats - 6 Stars

Level 100
Battle Power 206,600 #17
HP 5,812 #28
Attack 864 #65
Minimum Attack 780 #63
Maximum Attack 949 #63
Defense 649 #81


Hit 99
Dodge 99
Critical Hit 50
Block 50
Attack Speed 61
Critical Damage 150%
Block Defense Rate 50%
Luck 0



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