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Queen of Brunn


Attack Type



Gender Female
Age 27
Nation Brunn
Race Human
Character Voice Na-ri Shin
Young chief of Brunn.

Neomi was born the second daughter of a family that had ruled Brunn for generations.

By the time Neomi had grown up. her father had already been the great chief that had integrated Brunn.

Her sister Carrie was also a prodigy with unprecedented talent.

So Neomi began to train her body to assist her proud sister.

Fortunately, Neomi was quite talented in martial arts.

But her plans began to change as Carrie became Queen of Saint West.

After Carrie, who had believed she would rule Brunn in the future, left, her father s sudden death made Neomi the successor of great chief.

It was like an inevitable disaster for Neomi, who was not prepared, nor had the political acumen to overcome the situation.

Then a helping hand came to her.

Dorka, whose identity is unknown, but whose skills are superior to anyone else.

Kylock. Brunns best shaman, who has been criticized by the public for his peculiar madness.

Neomi's choice of the two was enough to make her, in name and reality, Brunn s supreme power.

Although, only God knows how long that near-balance will last.

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Overall Utility
Story Mode
PvP (Zebenstunier)
Holy Dragon Grounds
Element Dungeon
Neutral Dungeon
Yupir's Labyrinth
Shelter of Avarice
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Neomi Stats - 5 Stars

Level 75
Battle Power 202,333
HP 4,886
Attack 577
Minimum Attack 520
Maximum Attack 633
Defense 1,650

Neomi Stats - 6 Stars

Level 100
Battle Power 281,625 #2
HP 6,808 #10
Attack 807 #68
Minimum Attack 740 #66
Maximum Attack 875 #66
Defense 2,288 #1


Hit 99
Dodge 90
Critical Hit 50
Block 390
Attack Speed 35
Critical Damage 150%
Block Defense Rate 50%
Luck 0


Basic Attack


Deals 433 - 519 Magical damage.

Block 3


Afflicts all enemies with Provoke if an ally takes damage and its Health drops to 30% or less (10 turns) and grants Heal Over Time to yourself that heals 20% of current Attack every turn for 5 turns.
Gain Mana (1 mana) if your Health is 20% or less when triggered.
Gain Mana (1 mana) if your Health is 70% or less when triggered.

Rigid Body
Becomes immune to damage from Share Health if effected with Soul Bond.

Proof of Determination


[Single] Deals 375% damage to 1 enemy.

Millenial Light


[Self] Increases own maximum Health by 46% for 8 turn(s).
[Buff] Increases own Defense by 51% for 8 turn(s).
[All] Share Health with all allies for 16 turn(s).



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