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Super Elite Treasure Hunter


Attack Type



Gender Male
Age 42
Nation Vagabond
Race Human
Character Voice Sung-hyuk Kwon
Continental bounty hunter.

Due to the nature of his tough job. he is already well past his average retirement age. but he is still one of the best in the field.

When he found Zeon near death in a trap, Schmid sensed Zeon’s talent and made him his disciple.

To Zeon, Schmid is a life saver and a teacher who thoroughly instilled all the basics of hunters.

But the wound Zeon suffered was too great.

Schmid was also not a man who was affectionate enough to soothe his wounds. Inevitably. Zeon grew up to be a hunter who only trusted himself at an early age.

In the eyes of Schmid, what Zeon needed was new experiences with more people.

When Zeon's skill level was on track. Schmidt secretly prepared to part ways with his pupil.

Money, food, and weapons that even a child could steal.

After a while as expected, Zeon set off to the world as Schmid had hoped for.

Since then, Schmid often confirmed Zeon's status through rumors.

He thought hearing news about him was enough because he could go find him at will. However, when Schmid finally reunited with Zeon, he was not in the state he had imagined.

Feeling responsible for what had happened to Zeon. Schmid decided to step in and correct his mistake.

6 Stars - Lv.100

Battle Power 282,000 #1
HP 6,216 #17
Attack 1,609 #7
Min. Attack 1,474 #7
Max. Attack 1,745 #7
Defense 1,340 #18

5 Stars - Lv.75

Battle Power 202,708
HP 4,455
Attack 1,157
Min. Attack 1,043
Max. Attack 1,272
Defense 964


Hit 101
Dodge 92
Critical Hit 20
Block 60
Attack Speed 96
Critical Damage 150%
Block Defense Rate 50%
Luck 0

User Rating

Overall Utility
Story Mode
PvP (Zebenstunier)
Holy Dragon Grounds
Element Dungeon
Neutral Dungeon
Yupir's Labyrinth
Shelter of Avarice
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Basic Attack


Deals 507 - 610 Physical damage.

Counter 3


Counters upon taking damage.
Gain Mana (1 mana) if target dies.
Gain Mana (1 mana) if Health of target is at 70% or more.

Flow of Mana
[Over Time Effect] Back row allies permanently gain 1 mana.

Master's Footsteps
Grant Master’s Footsteps to ally with lower defense than the caster

Afflicts target with Prey mark when the skill hits.
Grants turn reset for the allies except the caster possessing Master’s Footsteps when the ally attack an enemy marked with Prey (can be activated 1 time per hero for each round).

Reduces own received damage by 90% when all allies except the caster with the Master’s Footsteps effect survive.

Unleash Potential Effect

Grants Mana to self when the round starts (1).

Gray Storm Sword


[All] Deals 178% damage to all enemies.

Unleash Potential Effect

[Special] Resets turn 1 time per round, if owned Mana is under 3 after the skill hits.

Grand Master Cross


[Single] Deals 1050% damage to 1 enemy.

Unleash Potential Effect

[Special] Resets turn 1 time per round, if owned Mana is under 3 after the skill hits.