Block 2



Afflicts all enemies with Provoke if an ally takes damage and its Health drops to 30% or less (10 turns) and grants Heal Over Time to yourself that heals 20% of current Attack every turn for 5 turns.
Gain Mana (1 mana) if your Health is 20% or less when triggered.

Dragon Knight Blessing
Increases damage dealt to dragons with the Dragon Scale of Order activated by 250%.

Ice Shower
If the caster has a removable Buff / Recovery / positive effects applied, each valid attack imbues Frosty Bolt on targets for 3 turns.

Summer’s Blessing
[Special] When the battle starts grant Frost Damage Immunity (1 time) to all allies.
[Buff] Increases target's Attack by 50% for 9 turns when Frost Damage Immunity effect is removed.


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