Mana Absorb 4



Removes buff of an enemy and Gain Mana (1 mana).
Gain Mana (1 mana) additionally if Health of target is at 80% or more.
Remove 1 mana the target has and then Gain Mana (1 mana) to self if Health of target is at 30% or less.

[Buff] Increases Attack Speed of all allies on the same row as self by 20 for 7 turns. (can't be removed, Increases 2 Attack Speed per buff removed).
[Debuff] Decreases Attack of all targets by 40% for 7 turns. (can't be removed, decreases by extra 2% per buff removed).

Flow of Mana
[Over Time Effect] Back row allies permanently gain 1 mana.

Afflicts enemies with lower Attack than self with the
Charm mark and decreases their Attack Speed by 30.

Afflicts the Attention mark for 7 turns to the target when the skill hits.
Increases over time damage on the target with Attention by 100%.

Fan Meeting
Afflicts the Anti-fan mark to the target when attacked Triggers Double-Team with all living allies if the Health target with Anti-fan is at or less than 30% (once every 7 turns).


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